A Tip for New Moms

There is so much out there in terms of advice for new moms. There is one thing I never came across that I wish someone had told me before we brought our tiny newborn home from the hospital—learn a song.

It seems silly, but I remember sitting in the chair in Finn’s room, holding his tiny little body against me, wishing I could think of the lyrics to a song to sing to him while we rocked slowly back and forth in the dark.

It does not, and probably should not, be a complicated song. The main criteria is something you won’t care to sing a zillion times, likely in a row.

I ended up going with Jesus Paid It All. It is a hymn that I have always liked, I already knew most of the words to it, and it had significance to me because we sang it at our wedding. I sang it a lot those first few months when Finn was fussy, and now I sing it to him before his nap and before bed…unless he requests ‘Daddy’s song’. Dylan sings Before the Throne of God Above to him.

Is there any advice you would give to a new mom?

P.S. Isn’t this Mother and Baby print by Siret Roots so beautiful?!

What do you think?