Dreaming of a Spring Manicure

Spring has sprung here in Minnesota and along with it comes the innate desire for a fresh start. For me, I think that desire for a fresh look manifests itself in the desire for new clothes typically. Since I’m still in-between pregnancy body and being back to normal, I’m not as interested in buying a bunch of new clothes. The thing that does sound exciting, though, is getting a manicure. I rarely paint my nails, and when I do, I do it myself. I can’t say that I’ve ever actually gotten a manicure. The idea of getting pampered for an hour while getting my nails done, though, sounds enticing…a relatively quick but fun change to usher in spring.

Here are a few ideas I’m considering for my spring manicure.

Spring Manicure Ideas

 1. Yellow + Nude Diagonal Nails

2. White Diagonal Nails

3. French Manicure with Burgundy Tips

Are you trying out a new style for spring, or do you have a favorite spring color for your mani / pedi?

Not sure where to start with your spring mani + pedi. Here are some color pairings. I personally like the coral for fingers + purple for toes.

What do you think?