Ways to make the weekend feel special

In many ways, the weekend can feel very similar to the weekdays for me as a stay-at-home mom. The main thing that marks the days as different is that my husband is home from work. I realized a few months ago that there are a few things we can try to do to make the days feel different/special/relaxing.

Go out to breakfast—I can be a creature of habit, and when it comes to breakfast, I definitely am. We tend to rotate between a handful of restaurants, and I have a favorite dish at each. I like Redstone for their Eggs Benedict and cheesy hash browns, Good Day Cafe for the Eggs Benedict and seasoned potatoes, and Blackbird for the Colleen O’Brien. The Original Pancake House has good pancakes, but it can have a long wait. The best part about going out to breakfast is that there are no dishes to clean up!

Steal some time away to read, do a project, run some errands—Uninterrupted time to do almost anything is a welcome change. I recently finished reading through the Harry Potter series. I had never read the 5th-7th books so it was fun to re-read the first few, and by the time I got to the 7th book, I could barely put it down.

Take a super, extra long shower—See previous item if you are wondering why this one is on the list. :)

Go for a walk

Plan a fun outing—like taking Finn to the zoo or wandering around a bookstore picking out books/magazines

Watch a movie during Finn’s nap

I’m curious to know, what do you do to make the weekends fun/special/relaxing?

What do you think?