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Design Inspiration for a Baby Girl's Room

Design Inspiration for a Baby Girl's Room

Baby girl's room is coming along, and today, I wanted to share my inspiration and general design direction for the space. 

I'm not sure if there was any particular jumping off point for how this room came together. I knew I wanted it to feel cohesive with Finn's room, which is across the hall. That meant sticking with white walls (Behr Polar Bear) and pulling in some darker grays to mirror his room. I also wanted the room to feel calm and a bit more muted than how his turned out. I came across the rug on RugsUSA (linked below) and fell in love. It is so beautiful in person, and it is really soft too. I really liked how it pulled together a lot of the colors I wanted but in a muted way. It ended up guiding a lot of the other decisions for the room.

From there, I knew we would need a dresser for storage. The closet in her room is small. And after a lot of searching, I decided on the gray storage cabinet to corral toys, dolls, and books. It will also serve as a landing place beside our rocking chair for a lamp and our phones/water/whatever while we feed and rock the baby. 

Originally, I was going to use our crib from Finn (this one) and paint it dark gray. While searching Craigslist for something else, I came across a Jenny Lind crib in white for a great price. I couldn't pass it up! It saved me a lot of effort to not have to paint the other crib, and I absolutely love how it looks in the room. It fits so well with the other elements. 

I plan to use art to bring in some pops of color. I have a vintage bird print I bought in Paris last summer, and I want to make an abstract art print as well. I also have a ton of images of flamingos saved and hope to print one or two to hang in the space. Eventually, I would like to add the Dotted Iris print from Etsy (linked below). I think the colors are perfect for her room, and I like the vintage vibe of it.

There you have it! I'm hoping to take photos of the space as I finish it up in the next week or so here. Below is the source list for all of the items. 

Source List

DaVinci Jenny Lind Crib in White

Burt's Bees Striped Crib Sheet in Gray - These are the best! So soft and fit very well. 

Gray Curtains

Swan Mobile

Louvaire Ashen Traditional Rug - This rug is so beautiful in person and very soft under foot.

Keekaroo Changing Pad — We have had this changing pad since Finn was born, and I HIGHLY recommend it! It is so nice that you can wipe it off rather than having to run it through the washing machine when it inevitably gets wet/dirty.

3-tier Tray - to corral diapers, wipes, butt cream, etc on her dresser

Dotted Lavender Iris print

Storage Cabinet

Rabbit blanket

P.S. Here's the Inspiration for Finn's Toddler Room as well as the final result, Finn's Room

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