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Kraft Paper Valentines

Kraft Paper Valentines

I don't send Christmas cards typically, but I love to send Valentines. I also love making them. They are so fun and sweet. For this year, I made 5 different styles of cards. I like to vary them a bit depending on the recipient.

You're Sweet as Pie

I have a few stamps that I keep around for card making. This little pie stamp is one of them. I used a black ink to stamp the image, and then I went back with a magenta and light pink marker to add a little color. I really like how it turned out. I think this one might be my favorite of all the cards.

I decided to send this one to my dad. Growing up, we always bought Marie Calendar frozen pies. My dad loved them. I have this really distinct memory of being at the grocery store with my mom, and her asking if we needed anything else. I said, "what about a pie for dad?" She responded, "Dad doesn't need any pie" in a really exasperated, emphatic tone. We tease her about it, and it has been a family joke ever since. So, my dad's card reads, "Dad doesn't need any pie because he is sweet enough already." It's perfect!

Sending Hugs & Kisses

For this card, I used a mason jar stamp and then drew in little hearts with magenta and red markers. I went back over the hearts with a thin black marker to give them a more finished look. Next to the jar I stamped the X's and O's. On the inside I wrote, "Sending Hugs and Kisses Your Way". I made a few of this particular card. I think it works great for people who live in another state that I don't get to see as often.

I Like You a Latte

I saw this idea on Pinterest last year, and since I had a little coffee cup stamp, I had to make it. It works great to stamp the wording first, and then add a bunch of randomly placed cups around it. I used a black stamp to add the coffee cups and then went back in with a red marker to add the cheek highlights. I used a light pink marker for the top of the cup. I wrote a little note inside for my friend.

X's & Hearts

I came across this print idea on Pinterest as well. Moving down each row, I drew the hearts in magenta and the corresponding X's in red. Then I went back over them with a thin black marker. I think the black marker added a more finished touch. This print is great for friends because it is festive and fun but not overly sweet or trite. I wrote a little note on the inside to express my thankfulness for their friendship. This one could probably also work with a little note inside that says, "sending hugs and kisses your way".

I Like You & I Love You

This card is for Dylan, my husband. (He's forbidden from peaking at this post.) I used my mason jar stamp again and added little magenta and red hearts inside. I went back over the hearts with a thin black marker to make them look more finished. Then, I wrote "I like you and I love you" at the top. I like that the wording is cute and romantic, but the card itself isn't too over the top. I wrote him a note inside as well.

Well, there you have it. My Valentine cards for this year. Did you make or send any cards?

On Love

On Love

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Moodboard: Blush Pink & Hearts