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'Our Little Prince' Birthday Party

'Our Little Prince' Birthday Party

My son, Finn, turned one year old earlier this month. To celebrate, we threw a small birthday party with the theme, Our Little Prince.

The image above with the baby carriage was the inspiration for the whole party. I used that graphic, with some modifications, on the invites, and then pulled the red and baby blue into a few simple decorations around our living room/dining room.

The Decor

Red and White Streamers

A Blue Garland

Baby Blue Dessert-size Plates

Blue and White Striped Napkins

We decided to have the event be open house style, so people could come and go between a set time. I liked the informal feel that gave to the event. It was nice to not have to keep track of responses. It also allowed for very low key food options. Since I am not a great baker, I didn't want to make a cake. I decided to make cookies—Chocolate Chip and Sugar Cookies—instead. They were a great option for guests to munch on, and who doesn't like cookies?

The Food

Strawberry Lemonade Punch

Veggie Tray with Hummus

Cheese, Crackers, and Summer Sausage

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sugar Cookies

My only regrets are that I would have made Finn this felt crown, and that I would have taken pictures. I totally forgot to take a single picture from the gathering.

I was pretty happy with how the theme came together. It was a fairly simple get-together, but it was the perfect way to celebrate our little man.

Siding Project—Progress Update

Siding Project—Progress Update

Weekly Menu {4/25–4/29}

Weekly Menu {4/25–4/29}