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Siding Project—Before Photo & Inspiration Moodboard

Siding Project—Before Photo & Inspiration Moodboard

One of my house goals for 2016 is to have new siding installed on our home. I'm happy to share that this project kicked off yesterday. The crew came by to deliver the dumpster and some supplies. They should begin tearing off the old siding today (Tuesday), and if all goes well, we will have all new siding by the end of this week.

Our house is going to look so different. The current siding, pictured above, is brown, splotchy with faded spots, and just not in good condition. It is full of holes from a woodpecker that has claimed it as his own. We also learned that it was installed over the original siding from the home, and there are gable vents on the front and back of the house that are 'confusing the venting' in our attic. It will be so good to get all the old layers off, seal up the gable vents, install new soffit and fascia for proper ventilation, and get a nice tight layer of waterproofing under the new siding.

We are also taking advantage of the siding being off to have a second exterior light installed beside the front and back doors.

Here's where we are going...

It took me so long to decide on the color for our new siding. If the company had black siding, I would have picked it in a heartbeat. However, their darkest gray option, Iron Gray, looked very green to me in person. Dylan and I both vetoed it right away, even though it had been our first choice originally.

From there, I thought I wanted a slightly lighter gray, but I was hoping to have it installed as a board and batten style. Our siding company was able to mock up what it would look like, and I wasn't in love. After a few different mock ups where we played with window trim style and color options, I decided on a dark blue siding known as Deep Ocean. It is a very dark, rich color of blue.

For the trim color, we are going with Arctic White in an extra wide style. It will be 6 inches on each side of the windows. The front and back doors will have this same wide trim, but we are also adding an arch above them. The exterior lights and our mailbox will also be white. We have a vintage mailbox like the one in the collage above that I might try to paint white. I'm not sure if it will end up working for this project or not, but it is worth a try. It's just taking up space in our shed right now anyway.

I also plan to paint our front and back doors that beautiful shade of turquoise. The color is called Venezuelan Sea by Benjamin Moore.

I feel a bit nervous but mostly excited for this project to come to fruition. We've been working on it on and off since last fall. It will be good to have the first leg of it done. Then, we will just need to paint the garage and shed, figure out what to do about our fence, which is starting to fall down in a few spots, and add some landscaping. The work is never done. :)

{Image sources: House, Color Swatch, Light, Mailbox, Door Trim}

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