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Spooky Halloween Movie Favorites

Spooky Halloween Movie Favorites

My sister is a movie connoisseur and horror movie aficionado, so I asked her to share with us her top 10 Halloween/horror movies. Here they are, in no particular order.

Cabin in the Woods

A group of college students go on a vacation to a cabin in the woods, while unbeknownst to them, they are part of a bigger plot in a sacrificial game. This movie plays off typical horror tropes without making your eyes roll when the characters do the complete opposite of logical reason. It’s a fun watch, especially with friends, but beware the end if you are especially sensitive to body horror.

Rosemary’s Baby

I had to add this one to the list, not only because it is a great movie, but I am going as Rosemary for Halloween! Set in 1960’s New York, Rosemary and her husband move into a new apartment with peculiar neighbors. When Rosemary becomes pregnant, she finds her neighbors interfering with her activities and it leads her to suspect there is something not quite right about her baby. Mia Farrow puts on a great performance, which was especially impacted by her being served with divorce papers on set. If you have ever had creepy neighbors, this one will resonate with you.


I rewatched this recently and forgot how delightful it is! The story is simple: A couple who die in a car accident find themselves confined to haunting their former home. When an outlandish family from New York moves in, the couple is determined to scare them away but are unsuccessful. A mischievous spirit offers to help but it soon turns out he is more harm than good! The costume and set designs are whimsical and quintessential Tim Burton (before the weird CGI phase). I think this is an easy watch even if you generally avoid scary movies.

Halloween (1974)

What’s an October movie list without a good ol’ fashioned Halloween movie? This classic is set in Haddonfield in 1978 where the infamous Micheal Myers escapes from a mental asylum and returns to his hometown to scare the pants off teenagers and babysitters combined. What makes this John Carpenter film so great is his use of music, which he writes himself. If you live in the suburbs, prepare to get goosebumps when any leaves rustle or there’s a noise outside in the bushes.

Veronica (Spanish, 2017)

One of two films on this list that uses a Ouija board as a way to talk to a father on the other side, Veronica is a teen scream set in 1990’s Spain. During a solar eclipse, Veronica and her friends use a Ouija board which leads to an evil spirit following Veronica home. The visuals will creep you out, but this sleeper hit will definitely be enjoyable during Halloween time.

The Thing

Another John Carpenter film! Hooray! Set on a remote scientific research base in Antartica, a team of scientists are interrupted when a mysterious dog shows up and is most certainly not what it seems. After attacking the other dogs and two humans, the camp figures out the dog can assume the form of its victims. A younger but still bearded Kurt Russell leads the crew of men who try to figure out who is human and who has become… The Thing! The special effects combined with the music will definitely wig you out, especially after the transformation scene.


This is one of my favorite horror movies! While answering a distress call from an alien ship, the crew of the Nostromo discover a nest of eggs. After one of the eggs opens and a creature attaches itself to one of the crew members, the rest of the crew realize there is something much more sinister on board. The famous breakfast scene will definitely make you jump back in disgust, but the film is a classic that influenced numerous horror movies in years to come.


A women living in an isolated house in the woods is visited by a masked man who plans to play a murderous game of cat and mouse. The most intriguing part? The women is deaf and mute. This film might lean more towards the thriller category, but it will leave you on the edge of your seat regardless. This is a Mike Flannigan film, who I feel came out of no where and is making a name for himself in the horror movie scene.


I am not a big fan of found footage films, but REC is by far one of the best of the sub-genre. Another Spanish film, but this time we follow Angela, a news caster who is shadowing the fire department for the night. When they answer a call for a disturbance at an apartment building, they are quarantined inside because there just so happens to be a woman infected by a virus that gives you murderous tendencies. You might remember the shot for shot American remake, Quarantine, but please feel free to skip that version.

Ouija: Origin of Evil

Another Mike Flannigan film, I also think this movie is a lot of fun with a few scares that really spook the pants off of ya. Set in 1960’s LA, a widowed mother works as a fake spiritual medium out of her home. Trying to add more potency to her act, she inadvertently invites a demonic spirit who takes hold of her younger daughter Doris. The original Ouija film was garbage, but this prequel is definitely worth a watch!

I’m adding a few of these to my list for a weekend movie night with Dylan. Do you have a favorite Halloween movie? Would you add anything to this list?

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