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Design Inspiration for a Toddler Boy's Room

Design Inspiration for a Toddler Boy's Room

As many of you know, Dylan and I recently moved to a new house. As much as I wanted to knock out the decorating for all of the rooms as quickly as I could, it didn't work out that way. That is totally for the best! As we have lived here for the past 3+ months, we have gained a much better feel for how we use the house and what is going to work best for our lifestyle. With that knowledge in mind, we have decided to move a few of the bedrooms around a bit. A little background on our new house—it is a 1.5 story with two bedrooms on the main floor, two bedrooms in the basement, and a finished attic. Currently, Dylan and I have our bedroom in the attic, one of the main floor rooms is an office, and our toddler son's room is in the basement. There is a small bathroom with a tub on the main floor and then a newly renovated bathroom in the basement with a nice shower and a lot of storage space.

The plan is to switch the rooms around so that Finn, our son, is on the main floor. Dylan and I will put our bedroom in the basement, and then the attic will become our office, library, craft room. This will allow Dylan and I easy access to the nice bathroom rather than having a few of our items on the main floor and then planning showers around Finn's sleeping schedule. Plus, the main floor bathroom works great for Finn's nightly bath so we won't have to be traipsing through the house with a wet toddler before bed. In general, the flow should work much better, and we still have the needed office for both of our desks and my craft supplies.

We are working to get Finn moved first. That is the hinge to the whole swaparoo. To help guide me in setting up his room, I pulled together a design plan. Here it is!

Design Inspiration for a Toddler Boy's Room

The walls will be white (Behr Polar Bear to be exact). I like that it will help the room feel bright and airy as well as serve as a neutral background for the other pieces in the room. From there, we will pull in deep blue and deep gray details with the curtains, his dresser, and the bedding. I was very inspired by the pairing of wide and thin stripes in this room, so I ordered a new crib sheet with thin blue stripes and a comforter with wide blue and green stripes.

The art will add a lot of color to the space! I purchased the "Be Brave" print from Minted to go with the "Be Bold" print I had gotten for Finn's room at our last house. The little boy with the sword is a fun pairing for the "Be Bold" and "Be Brave" prints, and it is perfect because Finn's name actually means "Little Warrior". I am most excited, though, to get the Animal Map of the World printed and hung. I have wanted it for a long time. I can't wait to see how it turns out! I am also going to print the images of the Lion and Cheetah because I like the simple style as well as the golden yellow color they will bring to the space. The sailboat mobile is from our last house and makes me think of my parents because they love sailing.

I haven't figured out exactly what we are going to do for book storage, but I like the simple style of the bookshelves pictured above. I also like these shelves from Ikea.

The panda lamp will be a fun addition. I have a nightstand from Dylan's parents that I am going to paint dark gray to match Finn's dresser, and I think a lamp will be a nice touch on it. I looked at a few different options but could not pass up the adorable panda. Finn loves animals, and pandas remind me of my sister. Win-win!

Well, there you have it—inspiration for our toddler boy's room. I will make sure to share photos once we get the room finalized. We will be moving him in this weekend, and then I'll hang the art once I have all the pieces (so I can set them out on the floor and play around with the layout before I hang them). And, in case you are interested, I've linked to all of the sources noted above as well as a few other items we use regularly for Finn.

Source List

Union 3-in-1 Convertible Crib (Ours is in Lagoon, but if I were buying it today, I would get it in gray.)

Rugby Stripe Comforter Set in Etched Green

Burt's Bees Crib Sheet in Blueberry

Panda Lamp by Pillowfort

Mariam Curtains in Blue

Keekaroo Changing Pad (We have had this changing pad since Finn was born, and I HIGHLY recommend it! It is so nice that you can wipe it off rather than having to run it through the washing machine when it inevitably gets wet/dirty.)

Wall Rack for books

"Be Brave" print

"Be Bold" print

Animal World Map print

Sailboat Mobile

P.S. If you want to see what Finn's room looked like in our old house, you can check it out here—The Babe's Room.

Progress Update—Finn's Toddler Room

Progress Update—Finn's Toddler Room

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